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happy new year msg 2019 :- A fresh new year is once more upon us. It is the opportunity to be thankful for the blessings of the past year and to take stock of all our accomplishments. At precisely the same time, New Year 2019 is a brand-new year to begin afresh, to begin strong, and still another opportunity to do everything we would like to achieve this year. The wonderful thing with opportunities is the way we get them each year. So, set positive goals and resolutions. Hang them where it is possible to see them each hour of the new year. And be excited for everything you may attain this 2019. In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks, the loud and boisterous family dinners, and the quiet intimate meal with your loved one. And remember! Greet everyone with Saying Images’ especially curated quotations and specially made greeting cards.

*** happy new year msg 2019 ***


happy new year msg 2019
                happy new year msg 2019

7 Bole To
7 Me Rahna
7 Me Jina
7 Me Marna
7 Me Rona
7 Me Hasna
7 Milkar Chalna
Yahi Hai Hmara 7
Bas Aap Dena 7
Ess Liye 7 Din Pehale
Happy New Year 2019 In Advance




Khushiyo ki bahar aaye,
Jeevan mein khub roshni laye,
Jo mila naa ho aaj tak
Wo aapko aane wale saal me mil jaye
Happy New Year in Advance



*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

Aane wala saal khushiya de apko
Har koi dil se dua de apko,
Hamari to bas ek hi dua hai
Wo sab mile jo na mila ho apko.
Happy New Year in Advance



800 Friends on Facebook,
600 on Twitter,
400 on Whatsapp,
200 on BBM
& out of them all
I am wishing you a
Very Happy New Year 2019 in Advance



*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

आपके सारे गम खुशियों में तोल दूँ,
अपने सारे राज़ आपके सामने खोल दूँ
कोई मुझसे पहले न बोल दे,
इसलिए सोचा क्यों न आज ही,
आपको हैप्पी न्यू इयर बोल दूँ!..!!!!
एडवांस हैप्पी न्यू इयर 2019




happy new year poem 



Roshni ko andhere se pehle,
Dil ko Dhadkan se pehle,
Pyar ko mohabbat se pehle,
Khushi ko Gum se pehle,
Apko or apke parivar ko
Happy New Year 209 sbse pehle



Yaro yeh saal khatam hone me thode din baki
Koyi galati, gustakhi, khataa ho gayi ho toh….
Maafi maang lena…
Main aaj acche mood mein hoon,
Happy New Year in Advance



Iss saal kamiyaabi aapke kadam chumegi
Har din hoga mazedaar, zindagi jhoomegi
Khush raho aur durr karo, apne saare bawaal
Mubarak ho aapko advance mai aane wala saal



Isse pehle ki modi ji kala dhan le aayein,
Isse pehle ki rahul gandhi ki shadi ho jaye,
Iss pehle ki sunny leone ki nayi film aajaye,
Isse Pehle ki aapka network chala jaye,
Isse phle ki mera balance Khatm ho jaye,
Let me wish you a very happy new year in advance



This New Year, I only have one wish. I wish that I will be able to make you happy for the rest of my life. Happy New Year, honey.

*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

I am wishing that we will always have each other’s back no matter what this year might bring us. We are stronger than any obstacles. I love you and happy New Year!

You have been the best boyfriend ever since I met you. This year, I will try my best to be the best girlfriend for you. Happy New Year to us!

*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

Happy New Year to all my team. The office is running as smooth as a dream. All of you guys play such an important part. Sharing your efforts and really showing your heart. I appreciate having such a great team of workers. Can’t anyone say my team are shirkers.




Sometimes it seems as if office work is never done. When the workload is heavy, you just want to hide or run. But after every day I smile and grin. Because our team work and efforts always ensure we win. Happy New Year!

*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

Out with the old, in with the New. Last year was fantastic, this New Year will be too. What a great office team we are. We all shine so bright. Always working to meet deadlines and keeping our work ethic tight. Happy New Year to you and all. Let’s keep reaching for the stars and standing tall.

There are things that are sometimes left undone and there are things that can be left sometimes unsaid, but wishing someone like you can’t ever be left, so I take this moment to wish you and your family a joyous and wonderful New Year.




As the New Year flows in… May you soar ever higher. Reach greater heights in your life. And find happiness in everything you do! Happy New Year!



May the year ahead brings you good luck, fortune, success and lots of love. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.


*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

The fireworks and the famous countdown to midnight. The things that make every New Years eve all that special. Enjoy each moment of it. My all best wishes are with you. Happy Holidays.

Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year 2019 and always.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, yippee! It’s a New Year! Happy New Year, my beloved friend..

Let Us Raise A Glass To The Coming New Year 2018. We’Ll Toast To The Holidays With Friends & Good Cheer !. Happy New Year..

Hope you have the great new year 2018. Let the celebration begin. Cheers to 2018. May all your dreams come true..!.

My only wish for you on this new year is that May God give you the best of health so that you can prosper in every single endeavor of your life!.

May this New Year be an adventurous journey for you to explore new avenues and reach heights of success..

On this New Year’s Day, I wish that we may walk all the paths of life hand in hand giving strength to each other, supporting each other through our love.

I dreamed of someone who would complete me … then one day I opened my eyes to find You stepping into my life making my dream come true. Happy new year, my dear!

*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

No distance could ever keep me from reaching out to you to embrace you, to kiss you and wish you a Happy New Year.

Your beautiful sight heals my wounds, your smile cures my ailments, your touch rejuvenates my spirits. All I truly need to face the New Year.

This New Year I wish that our bonding be increased manifold, our differences reduced to fractions and our lives filled with peace and harmony.

Kaise Kehte The Aaa Sajan!
K Mujh Se Bicharr Kar Jii Naa Paao Ge Tum!!!
Zara Socho Kitni Baar
Manaya Hai
Naya Saal Mujh Se Bicharne K Baad!!!




Rab kare aap ko naya saal raas aa jaye,
Jise aap chahte ho vo aapke pass aa jaye,
Is saal kuware na rahe aap,
Aap ka rishta lekar aapki saas aa jaye.



Jab bhi koi ghazal tere naam likhoon,
Bate likhta hoon tamam magar tera naam chupa leta hoon,




*** happy new year msg 2019 ***

Kaun Kehta Hai
Waqt Marta Nahi..!!
Humne Saalon Ko Khatm Hote
Dekha Hai December Me….!!!!




चूहा निकला बिल से
happy new year दिल से
गाय दूध देती है लात मार के
गाय दूध देती है लात मार के
नया साल मुबारक हो आँख मार के
आलू सड़े-सड़े।
टमाटर सड़े-सड़े
नया साल मुबारक हो आपको रजाई में पडे पडे..




नए वर्ष में नई पहल हो।
कठिन ज़िंदगी और सरल हो।।
अनसुलझी जो रही पहेली।
अब शायद उसका भी हल हो।।
जो चलता है वक्त देखकर।
आगे जाकर वही सफल हो।।
नए वर्ष का उगता सूरज।
सबके लिए सुनहरा पल हो।।
समय हमारा साथ सदा दे।
कुछ ऐसी आगे हलचल हो।।
सुख के चौक पुरें हर द्वारे।
सुखमय आँगन का हर पल हो।।
नए वर्ष की शुभकामनाएँ |





स्वागत है नव वर्ष तुम्हारा,
अभिनंदन नववर्ष तुम्हारा,
देकर नवल प्रभात विश्व को,
हरो त्रस्त जगत का अंधियारा
हर मन को दो तुम नई आशा
बोलें लोग प्रेम की भाषा,
समझें जीवन की सच्चाई,
पाटें सब कटुता की खाई,
जन-जन में सद्भाव जगे,
औ घर-घर में फैले उजियारा !

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