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Happy new year greetings 2019 :-  to people genuinely would do wonders than just mouthing out some sugar coated words. Wish, but don’t let the gentility die! In the end, no matter how the year was; the coming year has to bring good luck to people. If not in the beginning then somewhere close to the end or midways as well. Everybody will have a good period in their life and as nothing lasts forever it’ll be followed by a not so satisfying time. We just have to know the power of belief! A belief as strong as a new year where you suddenly feel everything might turn good and you are motivated to put in the required efforts – because, you know it’s worth this fresh, new start. The coming year 2019 might turn out to be the best for some, mediocre for others and worse for others but let’s hope that it turns out worth all the struggles and fulfills all the wishes!



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

happy new year greetings 2019
happy new year greetings 2019

Here comes another year to fill yourself with all the happiness and prosperity of the world. I wish in this upcoming year many cheerful moments to you and your family.




Last year was an exceptional year for me because I had a precious you in my life. This year I wish to continue this relationship with a little more excitement and positivity.



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

May this New Year bring you more courage and vigor to fight the hardships of life. May all your dreams and aims come true.

Hope you have crackling celebrations this year. Have many cheerful memories, pleasant experiences, and loveable relationships.




I wish you peace, luck, love, laughter, happiness, blah blah blah… oh, forget it! Let me wish you lots of girl-friends, booze, night out’s, and lastly, may you win lotto this time.




Before I get drunk, fall on the floor dancing crazily, lose my phone, and get arrested, let me wish you all the best for the coming year. Happy New Year to you.




*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

Here is a wish for you from someone who is so dashing, sweet, cute, intelligent, smart, witty, amazing personality, best at heart, blah blah blah. happy new year wishes for friends



I hope this new year comes with a positive change in your life and fulfills all your ambitions. Take good care of yourself, and I wish you the best of health and wealth.



On this day, let’s forget our fear, let’s make our dreams clear, let us vow never to put tear, and give me your ear and hear, I wish you a happy new year.



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

Aapko naye saal ki hardik shubhkamnayein. Eeshwar kare aapke liye is saal ka har din ek nayi Khushi lekar aaye. Bhagwan kare aap kabhi chunautiyo se na ghabrayein aur aapmein sahansheelta humesha badhe.




Bhula do beeta hua pal, gale lagao naya pal, hanso aur hansao chahe jo bhi ho jaye kyuki khushiya leke aayega ye naya kal. Ek nayi muskan ke sath, naya sal Mubarak.



Apki aankho mein saje hai jo bhi sapne, aur dil mein chupi hai jo bhi tamannayein, ye naya varsh une sach kar jaye, aapke liye yahi hai meri shubh kamnaye.



Fool khilte rahe Jeevan ki raah mein, Khushi chamakti rahe aapki aankho mein, har kadam pe mile khushiyo ki bahar aapko, ye dost deta hai naye saal ki shobh kamnaye aapko.



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

May this year be the best year for you. I am always with you through your tough times and happy moments. A blessed new year to you.


happy new year greetings 2019
happy new year greetings 2019



New year is the festival where
Millions of celebration and resolution
Will take place with good hope and spirit
With the hopes for a better future, success and victory
I am wishing you a New Year that fulfils your dream
Happy and Prosperous New Year




Another New year is coming
It is time to make new resolutions with confidence
And leave our old failures of past behind
It is time to make a fresh start for a new beginning
for a new success for our future
This is my messages and my wishes for you
On this New Year Day
Happy New Year To you




*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

Again another New Year comes
with fresh hope and confidence
I wish you a Happy New Year
filled with fun and happiness




It is the time for fun and party
To welcome a New Year for success
It is the occasion for warm up relations
By visiting our friends and relative
It is chance to give gifts and presents
To enjoy the pleasure of gifts
Happy new year and seasons wishes




May the New Year make your dreams true
And brings success in your work
And Happiness in your Home
Happy New Year




Daddy you never cease to amaze me of what a fighter you are. With your age you are still strong like an ox and very firm like a horse. Live long!




There is one New Year resolution of mine I would like to share with you right now – to love you forever, and ever, and ever! Wishing you a joyous year ahead!



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

“My wish may be a drop of water in the ocean, but the warmth of it may evaporate an ocean out! Wish you a very happy new year!”

Happy New Year greetings 2019
Happy New Year greetings 2019


Let the keys open big locks, let simple words depict great thoughts, let your smile cure many heart blocks, welcome the new year to let it rock! Happy new year.




It is better to celebrate New Year simply
with the person you love than celebrate it extravagantly
with the person you do not love.
I am happy to be with you!




Starting this day, I will no longer be the same person
that you’ve been with during the past years.
I promise to change for the better
so that I can let you feel loved more and more each day of this New Year!




No distance can keep me from reaching out to you
to embrace you and wish you a Happy New Year.



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things.

Let us go to church and pray to the god,
For those blessings given to us by his mercy
Let us declare a new resolution on this eve
to proclaim new determination and confidence


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Expand Your Friend Circles This New Year, Meet New People, Communicate And Make New Friends. It’s All About Rejoicing And Welcoming The New Year In Grandeur.

Happy New Year greetings 2019
Happy New Year greetings 2019


Hope You Scatter Joy And Happiness Wherever You Go All 365 Days Of The Upcoming Year And Get The Same In Return. Happy New Year To You!




Even Though Life Presented To You Various Obstacles And Hurdles, Be Proud That You Managed To Overcome All And Cross The Bridge To Another New Year. May You Continue To Be This Firm And Win Overall Shortcomings!



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

The Start Of Every Year Takes You A Step Closer To The Attainment Of Your Dreams. Hope This Year Is The Breakthrough One And Your Dreams Finally Turn Into Reality.




May This New Year Equip You With Good Luck, Good Health, Good Fortune And Good Times! Happy New Year!



Let Us Look Back At The Past Year With The Warmest Of Memories. Happy New Year!




This New Year I Wish You To Have The Courage To Fight For Your Dreams And Also Blessings Of Almighty To Help You Emerge A Winner As You Strive


Happy New Year greetings 2019
Happy New Year greetings 2019


Time to set new resolution.
Time to turn your dreams into action
Show affection for everyone.
Share your smile with everyone.
Always shine like Sun.
New year is time for lots of fun.
Enjoy New Year Celebrations!



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

Lighten up your surroundings with your sweet smile and
make way for happiness with your good deeds this New Year. Happy 2019


spread the words among your friends. Let the countdown begin and before you start wishing your friends, after reading this post, let me wish you to make you feel special during this New Year. So, dear reader,  Happy New Year greetings 2019


Lets celebrate this blissful, cheerful, colorful New year. with a smile. Wish you Happy new year.



New hopes!
New resolutions!
New Aspiration!
Love N Laughter in your life!
Peace N Prosperity in your life!
Success N Good Times On New Year!
Wishing you a Sparkling N Rocking New Year




I wish you spend a great year ahead that starts with happiness and ends with that too. Happy New year.




My wishes for you, Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb, Peace for March,
No worries for April, Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov, Happiness for Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderful 2019




Wishing you a New Year that’s
Sparking with Fun N Masti..
Bursting with Joy N Love…
& crackling with cheers N laughter!
Rocking with G00D Times N G00D Fortune



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

Day by day teri khusiya ho jaye double,
Teri zindagi se delete ho jaye sare trouble,
Khuda rakkhe hamesha tujhe smart & fit,
Tere liye New Year ho super-duper hit!!




Remember the laughter,
The joy,
The hard work,
And the tears.
And as you reflect on the past year,
Also think of the new one to come.
Because most importantly,
This is a time of new beginnings
And the celebration of life.”
Happy New Year




May The Year 2019 Bring for You….
Happiness,Success and filled with Peace,
Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends….
Wishing You a…*’*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019*’*




Hey! It’s me here…
Wish a big hug to say
May all your dreams…
come true this year
Happy New Year 2019.



In this New Year….
Mày Good Health N Good Times
Mày Good Luck N Good Fortune
Alwàys with you
Hàppy New Year



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

I wish You dear buddy in New Year
24/7 Days Joy
24/7 Days Smiles
24/7 Days Good Times
24/7 Days Good Fortunes


Happy New Year greetings 2019
Happy New Year greetings 2019


Jagao kuch Ullas naya
Jagao kuch Aas naya
Jagao kuch Pyaas naya
Bhar lo Man me Vishwas naya
Bhar lo Man me Sankalp naya
Aaya hai Saal naya
Shubh ho, Safal ho saal naya




As u make promises to enter into a new bond on the special day
I wish u everlasting happiness surrounded by inner love.
Happy New Year 2019




Let the New Year make you correct all your vices and brush up all your virtues
as you strive to put your best foot forward to welcome 2019




New Year’s Eve is the time to bid goodbye to the year gone by and welcome the new year. It’s the time to rock and roll with dear and near ones.




Near or far wherever U R,
My best wishes are with U,
Happy new year My Dear.



Wish You A…Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Mind Blowing, Energetic, Terrific & Extremely …



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

May you come to terms with realities of life;
May you accept the wisdom of God;
May you rejoice in adversity;
May you fish for hope;
And may optimism rule your life!
A very Happy New Year!




Before this year comes to close, I would like to thank God for stitching some beautiful people like you into the fabric of my life.
May God keep all my precious threads happy for always keeping me covered and warm!
Warm wishes for a very Happy New Year!




Everything about the future is uncertain;
But one thing is for sure that GOD has already planned all our tomorrows;
We just have to trust Him today.
I heartily wish a beautiful tomorrow for you and your family! Happy New Year!




If we have..
Less talks
Less hellos
Less stories
Less greetings
But always
Remember that



My prayers
Never b
for You….
Wishes you a Bright, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019 with God Bless!




May You Find The Time 2 Care For Yourself,
For Your Own Health And Your Own Goals
While U Manage The Complete
Responsibility In This Year.
Happy New Year..




‘§’New year greetings ‘§’
Duaaon ki soghat liye
Dil ki gehrayee se
Chand ki roshnai se
Pholon k kaghaz per
Aap k liye sirf 3 lafz



*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

May These Things Be Your Beginning of New Year!
Happy New Year 2019




‘§’New year greetings ‘§’
My Dear Friends Wish you a:
Jolly January
Fantastic February
Marvellous March
Awesome April
Magnificent May
Joyous June
Juicy July
Aromatic August
Scintillating September
Outstanding October
Nice November
Delightful December
Have a jolly good New Year!


*** Happy New Year greetings 2019 ***

As you are still reading the post, I am sure that you have already started feeling happy about all the Happy New year stuffs and I will make you extra happy by wishing you. Happy New Year greetings 2019

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